Case Study: Vogue Linen

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Company Details
Vogue Linen
Elko, NV


Family-owned and operated, Vogue Linen has been in business since 1946. The oldest company of its kind in Nevada, Vogue supplies uniforms, linens, hospitality and healthcare items, janitorial products and first aid supplies to companies in northern Nevada, southern Idaho and central California. 
Processing nearly 40,000 pounds of textiles daily with expected growth, Vogue was in need of a versatile, automated solution that would operate faster than their hand-wrapping system that produced 7-8 bundles per minute. 
Especially important was the need for a system that would accommodate their small footprint and allow operators to move freely across the plant floor. 



When visiting another plant equipped with the Felins TP-300 - see Model Linen case study - Vogue’s Chief Engineer and Production Manager saw how an automated shrink wrapping system helped improve productivity and throughput. 
After working with Felins’ engineers, Vogue had a fully custom system installed in their facility. 
Perfect for their floorplan, the system included multi-level inclines that accommodate a variety of bundle sizes from room-to-room within the facility without compromising floor space. 

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Years after installation, Vogue’s system remains an integral component of their operations. According to Marquitta Samper, controller, they “now have a better work environment and process ... [and] are very happy with the results.”
In addition to great equipment, Felins also provides shrink films developed specifically for the laundry industry. Out of curiosity, Vogue tried a few other films but found nothing worked as well as the films provided by Felins. According to Samper, “the other films didn’t work as well and the bundled popped.” 
Now, years later, Vogue and Felins remain trusted partners as Felins helps maintain control over Vogue’s consumable material inventory and provides ongoing support. 
“Everyone there is great,” says Samper. “We love working with Felins.”



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