Celebrating 100 Years - Felins Style

Drone photo of Felins Family


On June 18th, just about a month ago, Felins wrapped up an incredible first 100 years of business. The celebration was kick-started with a great buffet and even better speeches from some of Felins’ leaders, including speeches from Ben Vlieger (Director of Marketing), Joe Schaffer (Company Owner), and Andrew Barrieau (President & CEO). While these speeches made all in attendance feel proud of where they are working, and the mission that they are working towards, perhaps nothing filled the room (or the event tent) with as much joy as the video/slideshow that followed the speeches. The presentation, which chronologically showed moments from Felins’ past, gave everyone time to smile and reminisce on all of the fun that our Felins Family has had.


After, everyone dispersed to talking with families and grabbing a second (or third) round of food. In the photo booth (pictured below) some even took the unique opportunity to pretend to use – or ride – the original Pak-Tyer.

Photo booth picture

Other notable highlights from the event include:

A beautiful Felins cake:

Felins cake

A raffle that featured a wide variety of prizes including an all things “grilling” basket which was won fittingly by Felins Foodie (Lisa Barrieau).


raffle prize

raffle prizes

And perhaps most importantly, this amazing drone photo was taken of the Felins Family:

drone photo of team

It’s impossible to thank every person who has helped Felins arrive at this landmark, but we’ll give it a shot anyways. Thank you to our founder, Fred E. Lins, for getting the ball rolling with the initial idea of packaging meat more efficiently. Thank you to our customers, for choosing a packaging solution that helps the planet, and for trusting Felins to provide you with any and all assistance you need. Thank you to our company leaders for showing employees how to be successful in what it is that we do, and thank you to our employees for your dedication, hard work, intuition, and ingenuity that has been the back bone to our success. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone else from families, to packaging organizations, to all third parties that assist our company, to you, reading this blog right now!

Nobody can say for sure where Felins would be today if it was not for everyone supporting us, but one thing is for certain, our gratitude to each and everyone one of you was celebrated at this event and is thought of every day.

Thank you all!


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