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What is strapping?

Strapping is a multipurpose bundling method that is used when bundling a wide variety of products together, ranging from hard rigid straps to paper and softer delicate, ribbon-like material. Strapping equipment applies the straps around the product with strength and security. Felins has a small table top strapping machine, The Loop-Plus® strapping system, that provides protection and tamper proof security for applications such as currency in the banking and casino industries to bundle cash or banknotes. There is an adjustable loop feature allowing you to bundle various size products.

What are the benefits of strapping machinery?

  • Easy to use
  • A small tabletop unit
  • Quiet running machine
  • Safe for use in an office or banking environment as a currency strapping machine or money strapping machine

Contact us today for a quote on a strapping machine or learn more about the Loop-Plus tabletop strapping machine by viewing the product details below. We also have an entire line of ultrasonic banding machines.



" elegant solution!"

We can also help you identify different solutions that may be a better fit for your product packaging than strapping. If strapping is what you are doing now but you’re looking for something new or different, like a paper strapping machine or a more flexible plastic strapping machine, we can help you find an alternative packaging machine. A strapper works for many products but if you’re looking for a more modern and presentable banding solution, we also offer an entire line of ultrasonic banding machines. These semi-automatic and automatic banders work to bundle and band products much similar to a strap machine.

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What are the differences between banding and strapping?

Benefits of banding machines include:

  • Banding material can be made of a variety of different materials including various eco-friendly and sustainable banding materials; paper, plastic, transparent and biodegradable films and more.
  • The band can be printed on for marketing, product tracking, or expiration dates
  • Bands are applied with an incredible accurate level of tension so that even the most delicate products can be banded
  • The wide, soft nature of banding materials (ribbon, paper, etc.) are gentle and won't damage delicate products
  • Banding can be removed by hand without the use of a cutting tool
  • There is no dust commonly associated with strapping

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What industries can benefit from ultrasonic banding?

View the ultrasonic banding machine in action:

Click here to learn more about this technology or click on the product box below. If you have any questions, our experts are happy to help answer your questions or help you find the packaging solutions you are looking for, contact us for more information!



This heavy duty, top-of-the line, semi-automatic banding machine is the only ultrasonic banding machine on the market. The ultrasonic weld is fast, clean, efficient, and consistent in eliminating the variability that heat…
Strapping is a multipurpose bundling method that provides strength and security when bundling a wide variety of products together. The Loop-Plus® strapping system provides protection and tamper proof security for…

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