Banded boxes of bandages from different brands.


When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging and medicine packaging, consistency and traceability are key. It is absolutely essential that the medicine or pharmaceutical drug is packaged correctly, conveniently, and in a traceable manner so that it reaches its destination without any damage.

At Felins, we understand how important sustainable packaging is to our customers. That’s why we offer a range of packaging solutions for secondary and tertiary packaging processes within the pharmaceutical sector.

How Felins Can Help Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Company

Our pharmaceutical packaging equipment is designed to help improve efficiency, reduce waste, and protect your products from contamination or damage.

Save Time and Labor

Automated pharmaceutical packaging machines from Felins can help save you time and reduce labor as they are designed to efficiently unitize a variety of different products ranging from cartons and blister packs to packages of wipes. This means that you can package more products in less time with minimal effort.

Reduce Wasted Material

We offer a variety of different packaging technologies including banding and shrink wrapping.  Shrink wrapping works great when a product needs to be fully covered, but our banding machines use a narrow, thin band significantly reducing the amount of packaging that is required. This reduction in material results in more sustainable pharmaceutical packaging and lower costs.

Our Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment

Felins offers a range of packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products. You can use our machines to package everything from generic over-the-counter medicines to complex, specialty pharmaceutical drugs.

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Banded boxes of pain relief patches using paper banding from Felins.

For a pharmaceutical packaging company, our ultrasonic banding machines provide a host of benefits for secondary and tertiary packaging processes.

Banding is advantageous for packaging pharma products, offering pharmaceutical packaging companies the following benefits:

  • Minimizing packaging materials
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Reducing packaging costs
  • Minimizing required floor space
  • Decreasing the need for changeovers
  • Minimizing labor requirements
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Increasing material options (with flexibility for bands made of paper, film, compostable, recyclable, and other materials)
  • Eliminating the use of adhesives
  • Consolidating customer orders

Automated ultrasonic banding pharmaceutical packaging machinery from Felins offers the highest level of efficiency and accuracy to ensure your products are secure and attractive.

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Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a popular and cost-effective option for the pharmaceutical packaging market.

Our automated shrink wrappers offer an efficient, reliable way to quickly bundle products together with minimal material waste, allowing you to increase throughput and reduce the need for strenuous labor.

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Pharma Packaging Sustainability 

With a growing awareness of the environmental impact of packaging materials and processes, innovative pharmaceutical companies are exploring new ways to create pharmaceutical sustainable packaging that reduces waste and conserves resources. Some of these strategies include using biodegradable materials, lightweight materials, optimized packaging designs, and even custom 3D printing and blockchain technology to improve transparency across the supply chain.

By working together to explore new materials, optimize designs, and incorporate innovative technologies, pharmaceutical companies can reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a more eco-friendly future.

How We’ve Helped Pharmaceutical Companies Like Yours

At Felins, we understand the unique needs of pharma packaging companies. Whether you specialize in e-commerce fulfillment, pharmaceutical commercial packaging, or contract pharmaceutical packaging, our automated packaging solutions are designed to help you meet the demand for high-quality, consistent products.

Banding Vaccine Trays 

Two stacks of vial trays banded together in three-packs using Felins’ banding technology.

Cartons for Over the Counter Medications

Banded boxes of bandages from different brands.

Unitizing Packages of Wipes

 A three pack of banded medical wipes.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

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Examples of Pharmaceuticals That Benefit from Our Packaging Solutions

Felins offers innovative packaging solutions for a wide array of pharmaceuticals. Regardless of what medications you are packaging, our banding and shrink wrapping machines can help you efficiently and securely package your products. Our packaging solutions are effecting for bundling a variety of products, including:

  • Branded Pharmaceuticals 
  • Private Label Pharmaceuticals 
  • Over the Counter Medications
  • Generic Drugs

Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry has undergone significant change in recent years, and innovations in packaging have been essential to keep up with the industry’s advancements. With Felins’s pharmaceutical packaging machines, you can remain up-to-date with the latest advances in this rapidly changing field.

Some of the recent advances in pharmaceutical packaging include intelligent and interactive elements that have been designed to provide better safety, convenience, and product information. Traceability and sustainability have also become important factors.

Printed Flexible Packaging 

Printed flexible packaging for pharma products can be a great way to provide easy-to-read instructions, warnings, and other necessary information about the product on a damage-resistance pouch.


Traceability in pharmaceutical packaging refers to the ability to track and trace a pharmaceutical product throughout the supply chain, from production to distribution and finally to the end user. This is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry, as regulators around the world are mandating more stringent requirements for drug safety and efficacy.

Innovative pharmaceutical companies are using traceability technology to ensure that their products are authentic, safe and effective. They often utilize printed traceability info that includes date codes, and barcodes.

Interactive Packaging 

Interactive packaging for pharmaceuticals refers to the use of digital technologies, such as QR codes and augmented reality (AR), to provide additional information and value to consumers beyond the physical packaging itself. These technologies are increasingly being used by pharmaceutical companies to improve education and engagement, as well as to enhance the overall user experience.

Intelligent Packaging 

Intelligent pharmaceutical packaging is a type of packaging that incorporates advanced technologies to enhance the safety, efficacy, and usability of pharmaceutical products. This type of packaging is designed to provide real-time information about the condition of the drug inside the packaging, as well as to help patients manage their medication regimen more effectively.

Examples of intelligent packaging include sensor technology, data capturing, and communication tools like apps or messaging.

Reducing Environmental Impact 

Another trend in pharmaceutical packaging is a focus on reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials and processes. Innovative pharmaceutical companies are recognizing that packaging plays a significant role in the overall environmental footprint of their products and are taking steps to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is pharmaceutical line packaging? 

Pharmaceutical line packaging refers to the process of packaging pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, capsules, or vials, into individual units for sale or distribution. This process typically involves the use of automated packaging machinery that can fill, seal, and label packaging containers at high speeds.

How can Felins packaging machines improve the efficiency and speed of the pharmaceutical packaging process?

Felins' banding machines can bundle multiple pharmaceutical products together quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of time and labor required for packaging. This bundling process is highly automated and can be customized to fit the unique requirements of each product.

Our banding machines use a low-waste, high-strength banding material that reduces the amount of packaging material required while ensuring that products are securely bundled together. This not only reduces costs but also contributes to a more sustainable packaging process.

What is serialization pharmaceutical packaging?

Serialization in pharmaceutical packaging refers to the process of assigning a unique and traceable serial number to each individual unit of a pharmaceutical product during the packaging process. This serial number is then recorded in a centralized database, allowing for the tracking and tracing of the product throughout the supply chain.

Why does quality control of pharmaceutical packaging material matter so much?

Quality control of pharmaceutical packaging material is critical because it directly impacts the safety and efficacy of the pharmaceutical products being packaged. Pharmaceutical packaging materials play a key role in protecting the product from contamination, light, moisture, and other environmental factors that could potentially affect its quality.

Optimize Your Medicine Packaging Process With Packaging Solutions From Felins

In the pharmaceutical packaging market, optimizing the packaging process is critical to ensure the quality and safety of medicines, while also improving efficiency and reducing costs. Felins, a leading provider of packaging solutions, offers a range of advanced banding machines and packaging systems that can help pharmaceutical companies transform their packaging process.

Optimize Your Pharma Packaging

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