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Packaging for e-commerce comes in many forms and e-commerce packaging is gaining importance every day. E-commerce was gaining momentum even before we were encouraged to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as the world opened back up, consumers realized that ordering online is a great way to shop. The e-commerce industry has boomed affecting every industry. Felins can help provide various packaging methods to streamline your e-commerce packaging needs. The main direct to consumer packaging methods we use for e-commerce are:




Banding equipment is similar to the industrial strapping equipment we are all familiar with, but banding equipment can run a variety of substrate materials: you can use paper for sustainability and easy removal of the band; clear transparent films if you’d like it to be transparent or to scan through if needed; there’s also ribbon material and we can pre-print materials with your artwork on the banding which is great for branding products and becoming very popular with e-commerce packaging. With ultrasonic banding systems, we have the option to add on-demand printers for printing bar codes, expiration dates, lot codes and more for track and trace.


What is ultrasonic banding?

Top view of bundled products with a band


Why is it called ultrasonic banding?

The ultrasonic weld is holding the bundle together underneath


After the machine tensions the band around the product with digital tensioning, it ultrasonically welds the band to itself. We use ultrasonic technology as opposed to a heat weld because it is clean, efficient, and repeatable – giving you more control. Banding technology doesn’t use adhesives either, creating a clean weld without glues, tapes, or stickers.



There are many ways banding can be used in e-commerce. Here are just some of the solutions: 

  1. Banding can be used as an alternative to void fill and oversized box shipments

    We’ve all seen the box within a box packaging or excessive void fill in large boxes when receiving a really small item. There’s excess packaging waste involved and our goal at Felins is to reduce all of this extra packaging waste. As an alternative to excessive packaging waste banding, secures products, including oddly shaped items, to a corrugated insert which will keep items from rattling around inside the box during shipment. Here is a video that shows how that works:


  1. Banding products prior to auto-boxing systems is great for high volume applications

    As ecommerce business grows, retailers have started investing in auto-box making or box-on-demand solutions. There are various manufacturers of these solutions which help reduce packaging volume and mass by customizing the size of the box to the products being shipped. Banding can help by unitizing orders with more than one item ensuring that products (banded into a bundle) maintain the bundle shape and size as they travel via conveyors through the entire scanning and boxing process. Without a band, orders with more than one product can shift causing machine jams and unwanted downtime. Check out the video below to see this concept in action.





  1. Banding can be used as an alternative to strapping boxes

    Keeping packages securely closed while minimizing damage to shipped boxes is important! You want the package to arrive safely to your customer. Ultrasonic banding equipment and banding material is offered in a variety of banding widths, the wider band allows the tension to be dispersed over a larger area, preventing damage to boxes so that if and when returns are necessary, the box can be reused. Banding material can also minimize unboxing frustrations as the band can be removed easily without the use of cutting tools.



  • Banding can be used to reduce excessive void fill when packaging smaller items
  • Less packaging materials = less waste
  • Less packaging materials also = less material costs
  • When banding is used to secure products, the products are also presented more elegantly and can improve the unboxing experience for the end user
  • Banding can be removed by hand without the use of a cutting tool, which means less frustrations for the customer 
  • Banding prior to auto boxing systems work very well for high volume applications
  • Banding can be used as a sustainable and damage-free alternative to strapping boxes
  • The wide, soft nature of banding materials (ribbon, paper, etc.) are gentle and won’t damage products
  • There is no dust commonly associated with strapping  


Click here to learn more about banding equipment and ultrasonic banding technology or click on the product boxes below. If you have any questions, our experts are happy to help answer your questions or help you find the packaging solutions you are looking for, contact us for more information!


A common packaging method used in a variety of different applications. It’s great when you need an inexpensive method to hold items together. The strap is strong and is great for securing heavy-duty items or currency that needs to be tamper proof. Read more about our strapping technology here.



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