Tying Machines


Tying is the technology that Felins was founded on, and since then we have spent the last 100+ years perfecting it. The most economical method for bundling and unitizing, tying has become integral to nearly every industry. Our automatic and semi-automatic tying machines are low-cost and simple to set-up, use and maintain. These machines use a minimal amount of material and can accommodate biodegradable materials, ensuring a more environmentally sustainable packaging solution. In addition, tying:

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Eliminates repetitive motion

Whether you're looking for a stand-alone, semi-automatic tyer or a fully automated tying system, we're confident our automatic knot tying machines will help you increase productivity and generate ROI.



The perfect replacement for hand tying, rubber banding, wire, or twist tie packaging, these machines are equipped with a pivot arm that makes tying quick, easy and less labor-intensive than ever before. All our equipment is highly versatile, reliable, and increase productivity, making them perfect for nearly any industry. Whether its tying bunches of flowers, coils of cables, trussing chickens, or bundling laundry, these machines will increase throughput while reducing labor costs. They can also be configured in many different ways for optimal performance with your product.


Tying machine

The machine that we were founded on, the Pak-Tyer, offers high level tying performance for virtually limitless product applications at an economical price point. Whether you’re rubber banding, hand tying, zip tying, or twist tying, the Pak-Tyer can improve and streamline your process. This machine is compatible with a wide range of materials from polytapes, to cotton twines, to elastics and more. The machine’s semi-automatic functionality will decrease labor costs and increase efficiency.


Offset tying machine

The Offset Pak-Tyer is perfect for products that are longer, wider or more oblong in shape such as floral bouquets, rolls of fabric, or bundles of bulk mail.  It uses unique, automatic technology to automatically rubber band or tie an elastic band around the product or bundle, ensuring a secure closure. Like many of our product lines, the Offset Pak-Tyer helps to reduce the safety issues and tediousness of tying by hand. 



Rotary tying machine

The Rotary Pak-Tyer is perfect for products that require strong tension. It uses unique, automatic technology to ensure that the products are extremely secure, without ever being damaged. Similar to our other packaging machines, it is perfect for any industry from consumer goods to wood, and it increases efficiency while reducing necessary labor.


Coil Tying Machine

Tying coils by hand can be labor-intensive, messy with tapes and adhesives, and expensive with twist ties, but it doesn’t have to be. The semi-automatic Coil-Tyer wire tying machine streamlines this process, making it cleaner, easier, and more cost-efficient than ever before. These machines use a unique, slanted table design and pivot arm for ease of use. The machines also offer adjustable tension controls and offer multiple material options, so you can optimize the machine for your product and ensure that the coils stay secure from the production facility to the customer.


tied mail tubs

Strapping, a common method used for bundling mail trays, can cause damage to the trays, is expensive, and can be labor intensive. The Mail Tray-Tyer is the perfect solution for bundling bulk mail in flat tubs, mail trays, EMM, and ½ trays. These machines are easy to set-up, use, and maintain, and they use economical, postal service approved 7500 PE banding material.


trussed chicken


Made with easy-to-wash stainless steel, the Sani-Tyer meat tying machine is perfect for almost any product in the food industry from tying rotisserie chickens, to roasts, to sausages, or any other food product. The machine is USDA approved and offers food-grade material, giving you peace of mind that your product will be sanitary.


The Tag-Tyer semi-automatically applies elastic tag loops, increasing productivity and decreasing labor costs. It’s perfect for a wide range of products in industries such as laundry, floral, and consumer goods.



Designed with efficiency in mind, our automatic tying systems can be quickly integrated into nearly any facility and help keep throughput at an all-time high. These machines are perfect for the laundry industry and use less material than other laundry bundling solutions, resulting in a more sustainable and economical solution. The automatic functionality of these machines will result in reduced labor costs and increased pounds per operator hour (PPOH).


automated laundry tying system


From backlogs, to rework, to labor shortages, it’s clear that the laundry industry faces challenges unlike almost any other. That’s where the Automated Laundry Tying System (ALTS) comes in. The ALTS is the most robust laundry tying machine on the planet. Capable of tying up to 900 bundles per hour, this automatic machine maximizes pounds per operator hour (PPOH) while significantly reducing operating and labor costs.


turbo tyer

Similar to the ALTS, the Turbo-Tyer is designed specifically to address the challenges facing the laundry industry by automatically tying laundry bundles and optimizing PPOH. When placed after a small-piece folder or hand folding line, the Turbo gives you the best of both worlds - an automatic twine tying machine with a small footprint. The machine requires little attention and can also tie up to 900 bundles per hour.

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