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Unitizing with Banding

Felins offers banding equipment and consumable materials for companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Specifically, we use banding to provide secondary packaging solutions which unitize cartons, wipes, sachets, and blister packs. Banding also works well to secure coils of medical tubing and to secure medical devices for transport.

Why ultrasonic banding? We focus on banding solutions which unitize with minimal packaging materials to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and packaging costs. While it is common to use shrink film, cellophane for flow wrap machines for unitizing, we choose to offer banding because of the large variety of benefits that it offer

  • Minimal Packaging Materials: With almost no waste, banding keeps clean rooms clean. Banding can securely unitize a variety of different products with a narrow band rather than completely enclosing your product. This reduction in packaging is more sustainable for the environment and reduces packaging costs when compared to shrink film or cellophane.
  • Easy Removal: Once a band is no longer required, it is much easier to remove than other forms of packaging which may require a knife or scissors. Healthcare workers don’t have time to fumble around with packaging when looking for what they need. Our perforated and paper material allows workers to quickly remove and access what they are looking for. This is also beneficial for those at the point of sale when stocking and shelving the products.
  • Track & Trace: As counterfeit medicines and medical devices continue to infiltrate the marketplace it is of the upmost importance to know where your products are going from manufacturing to the sales outlet. We can integrate a thermal transfer printer to apply bar codes, QR codes, lot codes, production dates or any relevant data onto the band to help you with product traceability and tracking.

Unitizing Bandaid Boxes

  • Minimal Labor Requirements: Our equipment offering ranges from semi-automated stand-alone machines to fully automated systems. For our automated solutions we can stack, group, reorient, push, convey or otherwise handle nearly any type of product. We can help define the appropriate solution for your budget and production volumes.
  • Minimal Changeovers: Switching from product A to product B can be achieved in a matter of minutes or even less. The flexibility that banding offers allows you to focus on producing product instead of changing over equipment.

Banded Medical Wipes

  • Energy Efficiency: The application of a band takes a minimal amount of energy. Shrink film requires the use of a heat tunnel to shrink the film. Unfortunately, the heat from the tunnel needs to be cooled by your HVAC system so you are paying to heat the air and then cool it back down.
  • Packaging Material Variability: Our ultrasonic banding is available in a variety of different base materials including paper, film, transparent, recyclable, compostable, latex free, pre-printed and a variety of other custom materials.
  • Premium Graphics: If you are looking for a way to differentiate your product from others, we can apply high quality, premium graphics to the band that will stand out from your competition.
  • No Adhesives: Instead of using adhesives to secure our bands to your product, we apply them with tension and then use an ultrasonic weld to secure everything in place resulting in a fast, clean, permanent seal.
  • Minimal Floor Space: If you don’t have much room for packaging equipment, don’t worry. We have machines that aren’t much bigger than a sewing machine.

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