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Are you looking for an automatic money banding or money strapping system? We know that in the banking, casino, and security-related industries that cash management and transaction security are of the utmost importance to our clients. Banded money or bundled currency makes it more manageable to transport and easier to organize. From currency banding to money strapping machines, we provide customers with tamper-proof money management solutions using our semi-automatic and automatic money bundling technologies and materials. We offer table-top loop strap models that can apply a rigid, thin plastic strap around your bundle. We also offer stand-alone automatic money banding and strapping machines that can apply a wider paper or plastic band around your currency, with no glues, adhesives, or tape. The material adheres to itself, not your bank notes. Our systems can help you organize your bank notes efficiently and securely, saving you time and labor so that you can focus on your bottom line. We can help find a solution that fits your specific money handling needs. 

Money Strapping

Benefits of money strapping and money banding machines include:

  • Automated Options: We have semi-automated and automated with vision systems and quality inspection
  • Speed: High-speed banding and feeders
  • Portable Options:Our table-top strapping machines have a small footprint and can be positioned wherever you need to utilize them
  • Industrial Applications or Commercial Applications: Our money strapping machine can be used for industrial currency applications to secure the money using a tamper-proof thin plastic strap. If you’re looking for a more commercial look, with a wider premium paper or plastic band around the currency stack, we have money banding machines that can utilize different band widths and materials.
  • Adjustable Features: Adjustable settings allow you to bundle various sized bank notes or stacks of money

Money Banding


For more information on our machines, feel free to browse them below. Here's a video if you'd like to watch our currency machines in action. 

Banking Machinery

The ATS-MS series portable banding machines are the most elite heat seal banding machines on the market.  These easy-to-use industrial heat sealers create an instantaneous, impulse heat seal and do not require any warm up…
This heavy duty, top-of-the line, semi-automatic banding machine is the only ultrasonic banding machine on the market. The ultrasonic weld is fast, clean, efficient, and consistent in eliminating the variability that heat…
Strapping is a multipurpose bundling method that provides strength and security when bundling a wide variety of products together. The Loop-Plus® strapping system provides protection and tamper proof security for…

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