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Automatic Rubber Banding

Looking for rubber banding machines? You’re in the right place. Felins has multiple rubber banding and banding machine product lines to choose from so that you can find the right fit for your rubber banded products. Rubber-banding by hand, or manually applying them, is a tedious task that uses a lot of time and energy. Don't sacrifice productivity or safety when it comes to applying rubber bands to your product. Automatic rubber banding is the solution to rubber banding by hand and can cover a long list of projects such as bunching flowers, rubber banding vegetables, bundling odd-shaped products, securing multiple products together, and more! Felins has automatic rubber banding machines and semi-automatic banding machines that offer efficiency without compromising workplace safety. 

What are the benefits of using an automatic rubber banding machine? 

  • Customizable options
  • Eliminates repetitive motion injuries
  • Allergen and latex-free materials available

What industries could use a rubber band machine?

Watch our demonstration video on the automatic rubber banding machine: 

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We can also help you identify different solutions that may be a better fit for your product packaging than rubber banding. If rubber banding is what you are doing now but you’re looking for something new or different, we can help you find an alternative packaging machine. A rubber band applicator works for many products but if you’re looking for a more modern and presentable banding solution, we also offer ultrasonic banding machines. These semi-automatic and automatic banders work to bundle and band products much similar to a rubber banding machine.

What are the differences between rubber banding vs banding? 

  • Banding offers the flexibility of wider arches for larger products
  • Banding materials come in various sizes, with eco-friendly and sustainable materials including paper, plastic, transparent film and more.
  • Banding machines have faster speeds
  • You can include detailed, custom graphics on the band and even apply time sensitive information such as expiration dates or lot codes for product traceability

View the ultrasonic banding machine in action:

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Many of our customers have made the switch from rubber banding machines to tying machines! Also known as string tying machines or knot tying machines, there are additional benefits to using a machine that can tie your products in place of a machine that can rubber band. Our tying machines use elastics that mimic the stretchiness of a rubber band with the added benefit that we can customize the size of the elastic band for every product, giving you the flexibility to use the tying machine for different product lines or products of varying sizes. Felins has been a premier manufacturer of the tying machine for 100 years! These machines are meant to bundle products, bunch flowers, tie multiple products together more effectively and more cost efficient than rubber banding. Improve your packaging line efficiency with Felins as your packaging partner and let our experts help you find the right solution for your packaging line.

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