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Automatic Flower Tying Machine

You don't have to sacrifice productivity or safety when it comes to securing bunches or bouquets with our florist packaging supplies. From automatic rubber banding to other floral packaging machines, we're committed to helping growers and wholesalers keep productivity high without compromising worker safety. Felins offers semi-automatic and automatic flower tying machines that can be integrated seamlessly and easily into your floral production plants, increasing productivity while minimizing worker injury. We can accommodate a variety of material options to help you meet customer demands such as twine, plastic, elastic, and biodegradable or food grade material.

Flower Rubber Banding Machine

Additional knot tying equipment benefits include:

  • Made in the USA: American-made quality and reliability
  • Customizable Options: Machine settings and consumable materials can be customized to fit your needs. We can help define the appropriate solution for your budget and production volumes. Allergen and latex-free materials available.
  • Eliminate repetitive motion injuries: Reduce operator injury claims and associated costs
  • Improve Floral Presentation: Our tying equipment offers a clean solution, reducing the need for multiple rubber bands that are usually applied by hand.  Your flower bouquets and wholesale flowers are more likely to stay fresh with less damage to their stems. 
  • Minimal Packaging Materials: Our knot-tying machines automatically tie the perfect knot around your floral bundles and with adjustable tension controls, you can ensure your bundles are secured every time with almost no waste. 
  • Increased Throughput: Our equipment offering ranges from semi-automated stand-alone machines to fully automated systems.

Floral Tying Machine


For more information on our machines, click on the thumbnails below for more details about each machine. To see our floral tying machines in action, click play: 



Floral Machinery

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