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Commercial laundries rely on consistent, effective processes that result in presentable products - every time.  We have unique packaging machinery for your laundry and textile applications from shrink wrapping to banding machines, conveyor systems to tying machines. Whether you need a stand-alone, semi-automatic, or fully automated solutions, Felins laundry bundling machines can help:

  • Increase PPOH [pounds per operator hour]: our solutions can help you keep up with PPOH demands or optimize your current throughput. Bundling automation - ranging from tying, shrink wrapping, or banding - can minimize machine downtime. 
  • Control Product Flow: we can help manage bundle flow automatically from the discharge of small piece folders and ironers, all the way through the bundling process without the need for manual intervention
  • Labor Cost Savings: automation has proven to reduce operator injury claims and associated costs since workers can focus on other, less repetitious tasks. 
  • Improve Bundle Presentation: our premium packaging solutions are designed to work well with any kind of laundry or textile applications. From high-end hospitality linens to shop towels, sanitized hospital linens, and even rolled rugs. Towel Packaging
  • Complete product over-wrap and protection: once your textiles are cleaned, they should stay that way. Our line of semi-automatic and fully automatic shrink wrappers are designed in the US, with a variety of custom laundry films available. 
  • Track & Trace: as your volumes increase, it is important to keep track of where your products are going. We can integrate a thermal transfer printer to apply bar codes, QR codes, lot codes, production dates, customer information, or any relevant data onto the band to help you with laundry traceability and tracking.

 Uniform Packaging with Banding

  • No Adhesives: Instead of using adhesives to secure your product, we apply them with tension and use alternative methods to secure everything in place resulting in a fast, clean, permanent seal. Doesn't attract dirt or debris onto your product. Take a look at our machinery section below to learn more!

Transform your business from chaos to control and improve ROI with our towel bagging systems. Explore our machinery below or contact us now for more information! 



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Laundry Machinery

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