Our Core Values: HAVE FUN!

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At Felins, our core values mean a lot to us. Along with our mission, our core values are a written reminder of how and why we operate individually and as a team.

You can find our core values here but we wanted to dig a little deeper and explain what each core value REALLY means to us. Who better to help do that than our employees?! Let's start with: 


In short, Have Fun is all about enjoying our work because life is too short not to! But let's hear what it means to Holly and Briana:


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HOLLY                                                     BRIANA

Customer Service Manager                                   Manager, Finance & Analytics

Felins Family Member Since 2006                      Felins Family Member Since 2015


Q: What does HAVE FUN mean to you?

HOLLY: Here at Felins, we work hard and play hard - it's that simple! As the CFO (Chief FUN Officer), I try to plan activities that contribute to the overall success and happiness of our team. 

BRIANA: I believe it is the most straight forward of our core values and the best part is, we really mean it. To me, HAVE FUN means enjoy your job, have a passion about your important role in the company and let that happiness shine through in all you do.  


Q: How does HAVE FUN contribute to the Felins culture?

HOLLY: There's nothing better than hearing laughter throughout the building. When people are smiling and able to have fun at work, they enjoy it more and it becomes more fulfilling! Whether it's ice cream and jammies or nachos and fitness, we know how to have a good time! You only live once so I'm happy to spend my days at a place that promotes and encourages FUN in the workplace! 

BRIANA: At Felins, we truly stick to and live by our core values. Having the business centered around having fun makes coming to work every day easy and enjoyable. No job or career is without stressful times where we feel we are moving at a "sprint." A FUN workplace makes it so much easier to get through difficult times and value each employee for their ability to bring a happy and positive attitude every day! 


Q: Explain a time when you best exhibited this core value. 

HOLLY: Health and Fitness month is one of my favorite events! Last year, a calendar with activities for the entire month of May was posted. We did physical challenges, mind benders, ping pong tournaments, ate healthy snacks, consumed a TON of water, slept well and earned a ticket for every activity completed. At the end of the month, the tickets were randomly drawn for awesome prizes. Not only was it fun to plan but the encouragement, participation and comradery was amazing!

BRIANA: How do I decide?!? From pajama day to ping pong tournaments and shamrock shake surprises - there's always something to be excited about around the office. It's also the little things - the laugh until you cry moments that happen so frequently here - that make me feel unbelievably lucky to be part of this company and its culture. 




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