Case Study: Print Automation

stacked printed products


A world-class provider of innovative label design and printing, this customer manages roll-fed and sheet-fed facilities. One of their sheet-fed facilities which produces glue-applied cut-and-stack labels for consumer products had successfully used stand-alone paper banding machines for several years. But, with production volumes and labor costs increasing, the company placed a strong focus improving productivity and reducing waste to achieve preferred vendor status with customers. 



While outlining and planning new processes and workflows, the company knew they needed to incorporate an automatic banding solution that could replace several stand-alone machines by serving two cutting lines for paper products like postcards and tickets. 

After discussing their needs with Felins, the company invested in an ATS CSW-DMS corner line banding system with Shuttleworth conveyance and traffic control for bundles of varying size. 


OUTCOMEcalendar, 6 month ROI

With an extended infeed conveyor, the CSW-DMS was the perfect solution for banding a mix of products in the company’s auto-sortation line. Even more, custom product stops that automatically sensed bundle size and adjusted the band to tightly fit each stack without damage immediately improved production flexibility. And, by using clear banding material, products could be easily scanned for proper direction into the pack-out area without any manual handling.  

Within 18 months, the company experienced a 60% increase in throughput and full ROI, making the banding automation system an incredible investment for the company. 


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