Testimonial: HCSC

Neal Dowding and Holly Stendler pose for a photo in the Felins showroom

At Felins, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our Customer Relations department is dedicated to providing exemplary support to our valued partners, going above and beyond to assist customers with their packaging material supplies, machine parts, and everything in between.



Two shining examples of Felins' dedication to our customer partnerships is Holly Stendler, the driving force behind our exceptional Customer Relations team, and Neal Dowding, the Product Marketing Manager and a true pillar of support for our Marketing and Sales teams. Holly and Neal’s commitment to going the extra mile is truly remarkable. Recently, they worked together to assist our longtime customer, Hospital Central Services, Inc. (HCSC), to make a tangible difference in their operations. Holly stepped in and utilized her expertise to identify opportunities for HCSC to save on pricing, demonstrating her dedication to creating value for our partners. Holly's genuine care and personalized approach have become hallmarks of her exceptional service. While Neal's keen insights and expertise in the packaging products and shrink-wrapping materials allowed him to collaborate closely with Holly, ensuring that HCSC received tailored solutions that met their unique packaging needs. Neal's dedication to understanding the challenges faced by our customers and his ability to align our products and services accordingly have been instrumental in delivering exceptional value. With Neal's strategic guidance and commitment to excellence, Felins continues to provide innovative packaging solutions that empower our partners and drive mutual success.



HCSC stands as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare industry, serving prestigious healthcare systems that demand nothing short of the best. The partnership between HCSC and Felins was established based on a shared commitment to meet the stringent standards set forth by these esteemed institutions. With the healthcare industry facing unprecedented challenges, such as the pandemic and subsequent supply chain dilemmas, collaboration became more critical than ever.

Throughout the pandemic, Felins demonstrated unwavering dedication to HCSC and their mission of providing quality healthcare services. “HCSC is the largest non-profit healthcare cooperative in North America. Our vendor-partners are selected because they can meet the strict standards required by the many prestigious healthcare systems serviced by the cooperative,” explains Timothy Lacek, Senior Director of Support Services and Procurement at HCSC. "The Felins team always delivers no matter the circumstance. Through the Covid pandemic and subsequent supply chain dilemmas, Felins was there to ensure we always had our needed wrapping supplies/parts. We require our vendor-partners to perform on a high level, and Felins continually exceeds expectations." The sentiment echoed by HCSC reflects the trust and confidence they have placed in Felins. Our ability to consistently meet HCSC's rigorous standards is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our team and the exceptional leadership provided by both Holly Stendler and Neal Dowding.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to have the privilege of partnering with HCSC. Over the years our team has maintained a relationship built on trust, reliability and exceptional customer care. It’s very rewarding to partner with such a loyal customer who commits to us and knows we have their back - no matter what!” says Holly Stendler, Director of Customer Relations at Felins.

The partnership between Felins and HCSC exemplifies the power of strong relationships and a shared commitment to excellence. As we move forward, Felins remains committed to empowering our customers and surpassing their expectations. Together, we will continue to thrive, innovate, and make a positive impact in the healthcare industry, in the world of packaging, and beyond.


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