Automatic Poultry Trusser awarded "Best of the Best" in Processing at IPPE 2023's New Product Showcase

Automatic Chicken Trussing System - Scott Technology - Felins Packaging

Scott Technology exhibited at IPPE for the first time this year and showcased their automated trussing technology. The automation and robotics of the trussing system is revolutionizing the poultry industry by replacing dangerous repetitive manual processes with cost-effective, speedy and safer automation. Developed alongside a leading US poultry manufacturer and in conjunction with Felins tying machine components, the new automated poultry trusser has been awarded "Best of the Best" in Processing at IPPE 2023 New Product Showcase! The system is designed to process up to 96 birds per minute, automatically trussing a chicken every 5 seconds!

Felins is excited to announce that Scott Automation is using Felins tying technology in their new automatic poultry trussing system. Check out the video below to see how great this system is. You can see our technology creating and tying the loops of yellow elastic in the background. 


Felins manufactures our tying machines here in the US and we offer a variety of different semi-automatic and fully-automated tying systems. Read more about our tying equipment here!  

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