Automatic Sleeving Machine

Product Description

Many food products are labeled with a paperboard or chipboard sleeve, usually applied by hand where a product is slid inside the sleeve or the sleeve is wrapped around the product. Applying sleeves by hand can be time-consuming but our equipment can help improve productivity. From stand-alone to full automation, our industrial food packaging machines have been designed specifically to optimize sustainability and productivity while more efficiently allocating labor resources for food packaging.

Automatic Sleeving Highlights:

  • Applied automatically
  • Uses minimal materials
  • Minimizes labor
  • Increases throughput
  • Precise tension control so the product doesn’t fall out of the sleeve
  • Great for skinpacks, clamshells, trays, saddle packs, and more

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Product Documents

Product Documents

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Lots of material options:

  • Recyclable papers, plastics, transparent films, and compostable material
  • Different widths
  • FDA approved
  • Easily switch between materials
  • Fully customizable
  • Switch from paperboard products to film without changing equipment
  • Designed to flow through ATS banding machines without jams and breakage
  • Large stock of paper and plastic banding material in US distribution centers
  • Guaranteed to work consistently and reliably
  • Variable strength ultrasonic weld
  • Pre-printable for branding and product information
  • Print inline for consumer information – variable data, bar codes, expiration dates, etc.
  • Colors available
  • Sustainable & recyclable


  • PAPER – To replace chipboard sleeves
  • PLASTIC – For vibrant colors and graphics
  • TRANSPARENT - For showcasing products
  • CUSTOM Read more about our food labeling and sleeving materials on our blog.




We finally found a solution for our very slippery small bottle neck labels. The banding solution from Felins works great to band our labels for transit to the bottling line. We have far fewer damaged labels and less scrap at the bottling line

Felins Customer


Can you help serialize my products (incorporate track & trace technology)?

Inline printers allow for track and trace information, and other variable data, to be printed directly on each band as it's applied. Smart labels can be incorporated into bands for alternative tracking methods.

Are strapping and banding the same?

They're similar but banding is distinct with its wider yet thinner material that offers exceptional tension with zero damage to the bundled product. Also, using an ultrasonic weld instead of a heat weld improves machine performance and decreases the likelihood of jams and maintenance problems over time. Our systems have tension-adjustable ultrasonic technology. This allows for custom welds to be created for nearly any application; material can be welded just strong enough to pull apart or strong enough to require a tool for removal

How will you help me meet my company's cost saving mandates?

Banding is a highly sustainable form of bundling and provides a return on investment for the purchase of banding equipment and consumable materials. Switching to banding lowers transportation costs, eliminates product damage and optimizes throughput and productivity.

Are Felins' machines available in stainless steel? Are they wash-down?

Our banders, both manual and automated, are available in stainless steel and powder coat, food-grade paint that can expand and shrink in changing temperatures without cracking or rusting. However, on all of our machines, the parts that come in direct contact with products are fully stainless. Ultrasonic banding solutions are typically at the end of the line for secondary packaging. While we offer fully stainless steel machines, they are wipe-down, not wash-down. Many customers have their banding solutions in their pack out rooms or wheel their machines in and out to avoid washdowns. 

Are banding machines and materials FDA approved? Recyclable?

All of our materials are recyclable. With banding, minimal materials are needed to label and unitize products, therefore reducing waste. We offer papers, plastics and transparent films, all FDA-approved to come in contact with food and healthcare products. All of our materials can be pre-printed with stunning graphics to suit your branding needs and, with variable data printers, data such as expiration dates can be printed live on the banding material. 

I have additional questions. Who should I speak to?

Fill out our contact form and a member of our Sales team reach out to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a Sales Representative. 

Do you have a solution to automatically apply a paperboard sleeve?

We have developed a thicker paper that can be pre-printed with a glossy or matte finish for a paperboard look. Our banding machines can then automatically apply the thick, paperboard-like label to your product at up to 30 bands per minute, helping increase throughput, decrease labor and increase your overall bottom line.

Are your machines safe for operators who spend upwards of 8 hours handling products?

Absolutely. Our banders reduce repetitive motion for workers, reduce labor needs and reduce the likelihood of worker injury by removing banding without sharp tools. Clean processing and excellent accessibility make handling and service simple.

Is banding expensive?

The most widely believed myth about banding is that the technology and consumables are too expensive. However, the most widely overlooked statistics (and prices) are those related to post-purchase productivity. Not only does introducing banding (and automation) to a production line reduce labor costs, it decreases material waste from a master carton, helps increase productivity and, ultimately, quickly generates ROI. The majority of our customers have an ROI in 12 months or less.

How can you help my company improve our environmental footprint?

Switching to banding reduces landfill waste by using less material, reducing transportation costs and lowering your overall carbon footprint. 

Does banding use adhesives or glues?

Our ultrasonic banding technology does NOT require heat or adhesives to apply label bands. In fact, we refer to it as a "cold weld." With a sonotrode and generator inside the machines, ultrasonic welds are made in seconds, adhering banding material to itself. 

Can we test our products on your machines?

Yes! Reach out to or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a sales manager to discuss your banding project.

Can we run your machines in a cold room?

Yes, our machines are able to run in a cold room. Our ultrasonic banding technology does not require heat to apply the bands, saving energy by not adding unnecessary heat to a cold room.

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