Flex-Strap™ Tandem

Flex-Strap Tandem semi-automatic stretch film banding system

Product Description

What’s better than one? TWO. By combining two Flex-Strap™ XL-24 bundle wrapping machines into one system with conveyance, the Flex-Strap Tandem is the perfect bundle machine for facilities struggling to meet throughput goals or bundle extra long products.

The Flex-Strap Tandem system is more than just two machines. Featuring a tandem interface, the machines work together to optimize your bundling process and help you get product out the door.

That means your operations will no longer be held up by labor requirements or maintenance-heavy machines. Instead, you’ll reduce operation costs while keeping employees and customers happy - talk about a win-win!


Product Documents

Product Documents


At the heart of our ability to solve such a diverse number of application problems, is our stretch film offering. Felins' stretch films are designed for use in our equipment without the downtime issues associated with other lesser quality films.  

As an equipment manufacturer and material supplier, we can guarantee that our machines will work consistently and repeatedly for years to come when used with our stretch films.  We understand the importance of having film available at a moment's notice and have a large variety of films in stock at our warehouse and throughout our distribution network. See below for a brief description of just some of the different films that we offer.

  • Printed films
  • Colored films
  • UV light protected films
  • Limited stretch films
  • 53 ga – 200 ga. film thickness options
  • 2” & 3” widths

Let us show you how stretch film banding can increase your profitability.  For more information regarding our stretch films, please contact us.




We make and ship wood kits for window trim. Our trim was often getting nicked and damaged in transport until we found the Felins Flex-Strap™ machine. It wraps an economical stretch film on our pieces, keeps them together and also protects them from damage. It really saves on returned items and our profits have gone up.


I want to tell you, this is the quickest and best support I have ever had.  Expectations exceeded.  I sent a video clip and some pictures to a technician at Felins and they immediately diagnosed my problem.

Carey K , Owner, Gepetto's Joe to Go

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