Heat Seal Banding

ATS-MS heat seal machines for healthcare product packaging

Product Description

The ATS - MS series of banding machines are the most elite paper and plastic heat sealing machines on the market.  These easy-to-use commercial heat sealing machines incorporate an instantaneous, impulse heat seal requiring absolutely no warm up time and virtually eliminate the opportunity for burn related injuries to operators and maintenance technicians. 

Other features of this paper sealing machine include:

  • Bands with both paper & plastic materials
  • Easy to set-up, use and maintain
  • Utilizes an impulse heat seal
  • Fixed arch
  • Long roll dispenser option
  • Highly versatile for limitless applications
  • Does not require costly compressed air
  • Multiple material selection options (see materials tab below)
  • Customization options available
  • Complimentary operator and service training available
  • World class local service and support

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Product Documents

Product Documents


ATS-MS – Banding Machine-Banding Materials with Unsurpassed Quality 

  • Designed to flow through the our banding machines without jams and breakage of other lower quality banding tape
  • Large stock of paper and plastic banding material in USA distribution centers
  • Guaranteed to work consistently and reliably

It is easy and economical to label your product with a band.  Pre-printed banding allows companies to enhance a brand image and interact with the consumer using instructions, corporate identity, product information, bar codes, QR codes, and more printed on the label band.  

Choose from:

  • Paper Bands – We carry a variety of different banding papers and tapes. Options include kraft paper (brown) and white paper in varying widths.
  • Transparent Plastic Bands – Showcase your product with a see-through banding tape.  Our plastic banding materials are stronger than paper for more security and allow for product viewing through the clear plastic banding material.
  • Custom Bands – Our material specialist can recommend the best option, including custom printing your logo, instructions for your customer, and even bar codes for product identification.

Step up to the elite form of bundling.  Get started with banding today.  

ATS-MS Banding Machines reliably run heat-seal brown (kraft) paper, white paper and clear plastic film.  Pre-printed or branded materials are available. Plastic banding comes in a variety of colors.

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Can we test our products on your machines?

Yes! Reach out to sales@felins.com or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a sales manager to discuss your banding project.

Is banding expensive?

The most widely believed myth about banding is that the technology and consumables are too expensive. However, the most widely overlooked statistics (and prices) are those related to post-purchase productivity. Not only does introducing banding (and automation) to a production line reduce labor costs, it decreases material waste from a master carton, helps increase productivity and, ultimately, quickly generates ROI. The majority of our customers have an ROI in 12 months or less.

I have additional questions. Who should I speak to?

Fill out our contact form and a member of our Sales team reach out to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at sales@felins.com or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a Sales Representative. 

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