Pak-Tyer automatic tying machine for bundling and packaging

Product Description

Our semi-automatic Pak-Tyer™ 2000 machines are highly versatile, reliable, and increase productivity. They're the perfect replacement for your current hand tying, rubber banding, zip tie or twist tie packaging.

Additional features of this semi-automatic tying machine include:

  • American-made quality and reliability
  • Unique pivot arm tying
  • Ease of set-up, use and maintenance
  • Versatile, limitless applications
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Fully adjustable tension
  • Several activations methods
  • Various tying materials available (see Materials tab below)
  • Redundant safety features
  • Complimentary operator and service training available
  • World-class, local service and support

Please contact any time with questions or details on your current process. We're excited to help you improve your packaging while reducing material and labor costs. Check out our Rotary Pak-Tyer for speed cycles up to 48 pieces per minute!

Product Documents

Product Documents

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Each of our material options is designed to flawlessly flow through our tying machines without jams and breakages. Our most common materials include:

  • POLYTAPES– Tying with polytape is the most economical way to bundle. Our high-quality, low-cost polytapes are available in a variety of roll lengths, colors, and tensile strengths.
  • COTTON TWINES – Twines are an excellent choice when a more traditional, elegant material is needed. We offer a variety of colors and can provide food grade and biodegradable twines upon request.
  • ELASTICS – To securely bundle products from flowers to wire coils, we offer a variety of high- and low-stretch elastics. Food grade elastics are also available upon request.

As both an equipment manufacturer and material supplier, we guarantee our machines will last longer and work better when used with our tying materials. Plus, we work to always have material ready to ship when you need it so your production is never halted as you wait for material.




We had trouble keeping our cut pattern pieces in our sewn goods department together as they made their way through production. Sewing machine operators were always looking for the correct garment pieces. The Felins Pak-Tyer® keeps our pieces safely together until they reach the machines. Our finished piece count has increased significantly.


I want to tell you, this is the quickest and best support I have ever had.  Expectations exceeded.  I sent a video clip and some pictures to a technician at Felins and they immediately diagnosed my problem.

Carey K , Owner, Gepetto's Joe to Go


I have additional questions. Who should I speak to?

Fill out our contact form and a member of our Sales team reach out to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a Sales Representative. 

Where is the machine made?

Our tying machines are made in the US. Specifically, Milwaukee, WI.

Can we test our products on your machines?

Yes! Reach out to or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a sales manager to discuss sending in your product samples. We will send you photos and videos so you can see what your product will look like. We can also send the sample back to you.

Is tying expensive?

Tying is one of the most economical ways to package or bundle a product. It decreases material waste, helps increase productivity, and ultimately generates ROI.

How much does the machine cost?

Our focus is to provide each customer with the exact solution they need, not just an off-the-shelf packaging machine. When combined with the unique nature of our business, it can be difficult to publish exact pricing. What we CAN say is we offer everything from material at $5/roll to fully customized automation systems for upwards of six figures. Luckily, our packaging consultants can usually provide you with an estimate after just a few qualifying questions.

Want help identifying the sustainable packaging solution that is best for you?

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