Sani-Tyer Tying

Stainless steel Sani-Tyer tying machine for food industry

Product Description

A stainless steel tying and trussing machine, the Sani-Tyer is wash down ready and perfect for nearly any application in the food industry. Whether you're trussing poultry or tying roasts, vegetables or other food products, this string tying machine will improve your productivity and reduce labor costs. 

Additional features include:

  • American-made quality and reliability
  • Unique pivot arm tying
  • Ease of set-up, use and maintenance
  • Fully adjustable tension
  • Food grade materials available (see Materials tab below)
  • Customized options available
  • Complimentary operator and service training available
  • World-class, local service and support

Provide us with a few details in the contact form and we’ll have an experienced packaging consultant show you how tying can reduce your packaging material and labor costs.

Product Documents

Product Documents

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From initial inquiry through post-installation service and support, our main goal is to provide each customer with a complete solution. That includes the proper service, parts and, of course, consumable tying materials that run best in our machines. 

Designed specifically to work in our Sani-Tyer tying machine, our materials are optimized to keep your operations up and running. We also work diligently to ensure we have the materials in stock when you need them so you can feel confident the tying materials you need will always be available. 

Contact us to learn more about our selection of food grade materials for use in our tying machines.



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