TP-150 automatic shrink wrapping machine

Product Description

Whether they’re tall, small, hard or soft, your products need to be protected from dirt, damage and debris. But since manual wrapping is so labor intensive and dangerous, it can be difficult to find the best solution. Our line of TP automatic shrink wrap machines is designed to make wrapping a breeze by lowering operating costs, reducing worker injury and improving your throughput and overall operations. 

Specifically designed for smaller products and bundles, the TP-150 is perfect for facilities that want to replace hand wrapping with a faster, more efficient solution that doesn’t require manual labor. Combined with a fully controllable heat tunnel and adjustable conveyors, the TP-150 can wrap as fast as 2 or 3 hand wrap stations, making improving your throughput easier than ever. Talk about efficiency!

A few highlights include:

  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • World-class technical service post-sale
  • Compatible with a variety of materials
  • Free training for life

Product Documents

Product Documents

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The heart of our ability to overcome difficult application challenges is our material offering. Each option is a bi-axially oriented, high clarity, thin gauge polyolefin shrink film designed for optimal performance in our wrappers and shrink tunnels.

Additional features of our shrink films are:

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Attractive shrink appearance with exceptional clarity
  • High shrink factor that allows the material to conform to irregular shapes
  • Corrosion-free sealing without fumes or wire build-up
  • Compliant with FDA & USDA regulations for direct food contact
  • Puncture resistant
  • Low shrink force capabilities for delicate/bendable package

As both an equipment and material supplier, we guarantee our machines will last longer and work better when used with our shrink films. Plus, we work to always have film ready to ship when you need it so your production is never halted as you wait for material.




We needed a way to secure our medical packs that kept them clean and secure, and were also easy for staff to unpack when needed. The wrapping and banding solution Felins gave us fit all our criteria. We are very happy with our choice and are looking at other ways to use this technology.


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