Turbo-Tyer automatic tying system

Product Description

Pounds per operator hour (PPOH). Regardless of the challenges - too much downtime, labor shortages, excess rework - it’s what every laundry wants to improve. Thankfully, our Turbo-Tyer does the bundling for you, making it easy to enhance your operations without lifting a finger. 

Placed after a small-piece folder or hand folding line, the Turbo gives you the best of both worlds - an automated twine tying machine with a small footprint. You don’t need to worry about clunky machines that require constant attention. The Turbo is designed to reduce operating costs with minimal maintenance. 

Even better? Equipped with our economical twine or polytape, the Turbo can tie up to 900 bundles per hour. Talk about efficiency! 

A few highlights include:

  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Designed and built in the US
  • World-class technical service post-sale
  • Utilizes economical twine and polytape materials
  • Free training for life

Product Documents

Product Documents

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Each of our material options is designed to flawlessly flow through our tying machines without jams and breakages. Our most common materials include:

  • POLYTAPES– Tying with polytape is the most economical way to bundle. Our high-quality, low-cost polytapes are available in a variety of roll lengths, colors, and tensile strengths.
  • COTTON TWINES – Twines are an excellent choice when a more traditional, elegant material is needed. We offer a variety of colors and can provide food grade and biodegradable twines upon request.
  • ELASTICS – To securely bundle products from flowers to wire coils, we offer a variety of high- and low-stretch elastics. Food grade elastics are also available upon request.

As both an equipment manufacturer and material supplier, we guarantee our machines will last longer and work better when used with our tying materials. Plus, we work to always have material ready to ship when you need it so your production is never halted as you wait for material.



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