Ultrasonic Banding

US-2000 AST-MDM 900x500 banding machine for the corrugated industry

Product Description

Specialty boxes can be challenging to successfully bundle.  By using a gentle, strong, wide ribbon-like band, banding allows our corrugated customers to increase tension on their bundles without causing the edge damage that strapping is known for.  By utilizing a variable strength ultrasonic seal, our ultrasonic strapping machines will help ensure that corrugated bundles make it to your customer in exactly the same condition as they left your facility.  

Features of note:

  • Reduced damage. Wide plastic banding is strong enough to hold bundles together but gentle enough to not damage the edges of top and bottom pieces in each bundle.
  • Efficient palletization. By replacing master cartons with compressed banded bundles, more product can fit on each pallet, resulting in fewer pallets and truckloads per order.
  • Safe & easy removal. Your customers can remove banding by hand without dangerous tools.
  • Specialty projects. Banding is versatile and adaptable to nearly every project from specialty corrugated (i.e. auto-bottom) boxes to die cut sheets.
  • Satisfied customers. When products arrive damage-free and material can be easily removed (and recycled!), customers are happier than ever before.
  • Versatility. Available in a variety of different machines sizes with endless customization options.


Product Documents

Product Documents


A key difference between traditional strapping and our banding technology is the types of materials used in each. Strapping uses a thin, stiff, sharp plastic that is great for holding heavy equipment in place on a pallet, but tends to damage the edge of corrugated bundles.  

Banding, on the other hand, is a technology that grew out of the print industry designed to firmly, yet gently bundle high value printed products. The material is strong enough to bundle wide format boxes with more tension than strapping without damaging he edges. It looks and feels like a ribbon, but has the strength to provide tightly tensioned bundles.

For specific needs, we also offer:

  • Transparent bands to maximize product visibility or allow for bar code scanning
  • Paper bands that can be torn by hand (great for smaller boxes)
  • Pre-printed or inline printing options for branding and production tracking




Banding material looks like gift-wrapping ribbon. Is it strong enough? Recyclable?

The sheen of banding material is often likened to ribbon. The foamed polypropylene material forms well around box edges to prevent damage and has yet to meet a strapped bundle that couldn't instead be banded. The more flexible banding material also comes in handy for your customers. The material won't cut their hands during handling and, in addition to being recyclable, provides a more efficient, compact solution for easier processing once material is removed from each bundle.

Does Felins manufacture banding machines?

Our machines are manufactured by ATS in Switzerland. Felins is one of two master distributors in the US, supporting the 30 midwestern and western states. Sales support, customer service and technical support for your machine will come from Felins in Milwaukee, WI.

Is banding low maintenance?

Thanks to the ultrasonic weld technology, our machines do not experience heat-weld residue buildup which creates jams. Our ultrasonic weld technology is cleaner and easier to maintain which helps extend machine life as well. 

Why Felins?

We offer non-traditional banding solutions that increase throughput, protect product quality and integrity, and significantly reduce packaging material and labor costs. Regardless of the industry you're in, we can provide you with bundling equipment to reduce packaging mass, help lower your carbon footprint and improve overall product quality.

Are strapping and banding the same?

They're similar but banding is distinct with its wider yet thinner material that offers exceptional tension with zero damage to the bundled product. Also, using an ultrasonic weld instead of a heat weld improves machine performance and decreases the likelihood of jams and maintenance problems over time. Our systems have tension-adjustable ultrasonic technology. This allows for custom welds to be created for nearly any application; material can be welded just strong enough to pull apart or strong enough to require a tool for removal

Is banding expensive?

The most widely believed myth about banding is that the technology and consumables are too expensive. However, the most widely overlooked statistics (and prices) are those related to post-purchase productivity. Not only does introducing banding (and automation) to a production line reduce labor costs, it decreases material waste from a master carton, helps increase productivity and, ultimately, quickly generates ROI. The majority of our customers have an ROI in 12 months or less.

Can we test our products on your machines?

Yes! Reach out to sales@felins.com or call (800) 843-5667 to get in contact with a sales manager to discuss your banding project.

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