Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability of Banding 


Banding is a highly sustainable form of bundling and provides a return on investment for the purchase obanding equipment and consumable materials. Choose banding and you'll help your business' people, the planet, and your profit. 


People │ Planet │ Profit


People - 

  • Reduce repetitive motion for workers
  • Reduce labor needs
  • Reduce worker injury by removing banding without sharp tools 

Planet - 

  • Reduce landfill waste by using less material 
  • Use fewer trucks and less fuel by transporting your products in smaller packages 
  • Lower your business' carbon footprint   

Profit - 

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Reduce worker injury claims
  • Eliminate product damage (less scrap)
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce material (packaging) costs
  • Optimize throughput and productivity
  • Elevate brand image
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Why Sustainable Packaging?

It's simple! Consumers want to buy from companies that produce, ship, and sell products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


In fact, 86% of Americans are more likely to trust a company that is sustainable.


That means companies need to prioritize efficient operations and waste elimination. 


Want to show your positive sustainable impact? Invest in a Felins solution!



What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging...


  • reduces wasted materials such as corrugated material
  • protects products from damage during shipping
  • reduces costs and increases profits
  • prevents injuries to workers by eliminating repetitive motion injuries, or the like
  • saves time
  • is efficient


Sustainable Display Ready Packaging

We’ve helped many companies find solutions, including developing display-ready packaging that:


  • Eliminated the need for box cutters and resultant injuries (people)
  • Reduced corrugated material sent to landfills by 45% (planet)
  • Eliminated product damage from cutters and was display-ready upon arrival (profit)

Why Felins? 

Our passion for creating alternative, sustainable packaging solutions will help you meet market criteria for both performance and cost.  We offer non-traditional bundling solutions that increase throughput, protect product quality and integrity, and significantly reduce packaging material and labor costs for our customers worldwide.


Need to meet your sustainability goals?  Provide a few details in the contact form and let's get started!

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