Benefits of Adhesive-Free Labeling With Banding

Rolls of banding material on shelves


Ultrasonic banding is a heat-free and adhesive-free way to unitize, label and multipack products. But what are the benefits of labeling with our adhesive-free banding?


1. Can use a variety of materials

Traditionally, most labeling technologies run a plastic substrate. This limits the look and feel that traditional labeling can offer. Ultrasonic banding has a variety of material options including: paper, plastic, transparent, pre-printed, easily removeable, biodegradable, compostable and FDA-approved materials.

Rolls of banding material on shelves


2. It’s environmentally friendly

Banding is extremely environmentally friendly. Not only do we offer recyclable materials, but as seen above, additional sustainable options are also available such as biodegradable and compostable materials. The absence of adhesives lends itself well to recyclability since adhesives can clog and complicate the recycling process. Also, our bands also don’t require any backing paper like most adhesive labels.  This means lower labeling costs and less waste.


3. Label and multipack

Multipacking with traditional adhesive labeling doesn’t work well. Unfortunately, the adhesives used to adhere a label to a package don’t effectively secure multiple products together. With ultrasonic banding, no adhesive is required to keep the multipack intact. Instead we use tension to gently wrap the label around your product and then secure the label to itself using an ultrasonic weld.

Banded Towels

Also, bands use less materials than other forms of multipack packaging options like bags and cartons.  Since 23% of waste in landfills is packaging, according to a study conducted by the EPA, a reduction in packaging mass can make a big difference in reducing landfill waste.


4. Easily implemented into any production line

Using ultrasonic banding to label products can be simply implemented into any production line. Whether you’re looking to reduce manual labor with a stand-alone machine, or go fully automated, ultrasonic labeling can be used! See how these club packs are quickly labeled and multipacked with the US-2100 SIB-TTP-R automated banding system:


5. Reduces dirt and debris

Adhesives can easily trap dirt and debris due to its sticky nature. Being adhesive-free helps keep products clean, maintaining the integrity and appearance on the shelf of your product.

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