PROMAT 2023 Recap

Felins booth at Promat 2023


Our team had the exciting opportunity to attend the ProMat 2023 trade show in Chicago. ProMat is a premier event for supply chain professionals, featuring the latest technologies and innovations in material handling, logistics, and transportation. Our booth, N8717, showcased our capabilities in sustainable packaging and bundling, which generated a lot of interest among attendees.

Felins Booth at ProMat 2023

Felins as a company is a great resource for 3PLs, e-tailers, systems integrators, and other material handling/packaging companies looking for a unique sustainable solution for order consolidation & shipping protection that can also improve the unboxing experience. Our team had many insightful conversations with attendees who were interested in learning more about our solutions and how they could implement them in their own fulfillment centers.

Gina Barrieau and Andrew Barrieau of Felins, Inc. discuss ideas with a customer at their ProMat 2023 booth

One of the highlights of our trip was the valuable presence we have built in the e-commerce industry. We had the opportunity to meet with other experts in this field, exchange ideas, and learn more about their needs and challenges. We also had the chance to showcase our solutions to them and received great feedback.

“What a show!” says Joe McKillip, Regional and Automation Sales Manager for Felins, “I have participated in quite a few Tradeshows over the past few years, and Promat 2023 was definitely the most innovative show I have been to in a long time! It was great seeing our Partner companies and Customers to provide Banding solutions to streamline the supply chain process!”

Aside from the trade show, our team also had a great time bonding after the show each day. We found that our team really came together not only at the trade show but also in the evenings to trade ideas, bond, and have fun together. It was a great opportunity to strengthen our relationships and build a stronger team. The team went out for appetizers while enjoying a friendly competition of darts.

The Felins team plays a game of darts
Our trip to Chicago for ProMat 2023 was a great success. We had the chance to showcase our capabilities, meet with many professionals within the e-commerce & order fulfillment space, and build stronger relationships within our own team. If you missed the show, or if you're interested in furthering the conversation, please reach out to our team. We're always happy to discuss our solutions and how we can help your business.

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