Why You Should Shrink Wrap Your Laundered Products

Shrink Wrapped Laundry


There are various packaging solutions for laundered goods, and they all have their pros and cons. One solution that outshines the rest is shrink wrapping!


Keeps Laundry Clean

Shrink wrapping is a great solution to keep your laundered products 100% clean. After cleaning there are multiple opportunities to soil your laundry.  Dirty hands, accidental drops, dusty racks and a multitude of other scenarios can all ruin your otherwise pristine product. Shrink wrapping provides full coverage so it will stay clean.


Increases Throughput

Using a semi-automatic or fully automatic shrink wrapper will increase efficiency. Shrink wrapping machines increase throughput significantly compared to manual wrapping and with little-to-no operator assistance required, human error decreases significantly.


Fits into any Production Line

There are various shrink wrapping machine shapes and sizes. Felins has shrink wrapping machines that can fit into both small and large laundry facilities. Whether you are looking for a fully or semi-automatic solution, there is a shrink wrapping machine that will fit into your production line. Check out Felins’ selection of automated laundry shrink wrap systems that were made specifically for laundry facilities!


Can be Used for Various Product Sizes

Shrink wrapping machines require absolutely zero changeover for varying product sizes. No matter how big, or small your bundle of laundered products, there is no need for adjustments! See it in action with these variously sized bundles of table cloth napkins:



Showcases Product

The transparent film showcases the laundry product allowing for maximum visibility. This makes it possible for the end-user to identify exactly what they are receiving and verify that it looks as good as it did when it left your laundry.


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