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TP-300 laundry shrink wrapping machine

Product Description

When its clean, laundry should stay that way. But since manual wrapping is so labor intensive and dangerous, it can be difficult to find the best solution. Our line of automated shrink wrap systems is designed to make wrapping a breeze by lowering operating costs, reducing worker injury and improving your PPOH.  

From easy to install and operate semi-automatic shrink wrap tables to fully automated conveyance and wrapping systems, we have solutions for nearly any laundry facility.  We’ve designed and delivered countless wrapping systems, including these common systems:


  • Fully automated system for use after small piece folders
  • Great for gowns, airline blankets, and other low profile items
  • Sell sheet l Video



  • Semi-automatic system for tall profile bundles
  • Great for towels, table cloths, sheets, napkins and other linens
  • Sell sheet l Video



  • Fully automated system for use with large bundles
  • Great for towels, table cloths, sheets, napkins and other linens
  • Sell Sheet l Video

Product Documents

Product Documents

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The heart of our ability to overcome difficult application challenges is our material offering. We offer a variety of high clarity, thin gauge polyolefin shrink films designed for optimal performance in our wrappers and shrink tunnels.  

Additional features of our shrink films are:

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Low slip films to allow for stacking bundles
  • Attractive shrink appearance with exceptional clarity
  • High shrink factor that allows the material to conform to irregular shapes
  • Corrosion-free sealing without fumes or wire build-up
  • Compliant with FDA & USDA regulations for direct food contact
  • Puncture resistant
  • Low shrink force capabilities for delicate/bendable package

As both an equipment and material supplier, we guarantee our machines will last longer and work better when used with our shrink films. Plus, we work to always have film ready to ship when you need it so your production is never halted as you wait for material. Please contact us with any questions regarding our shrink wrapping machines and shrink film.



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