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NomNomNow Food Packs
Company Details
San Francisco, CA

NomNomNow is committed to delivering fully customizable, nutritionally balanced meals for your pets directly to your door.  

Headquartered in San Francisco, their team includes scientists and nutritionists who formulate well-balanced and fresh meals for pet owners who want to give their pets the best food. 

The subscription-based company operates two kitchen and distribution facilities in Nashville, TN and San Francisco, CA. 


A simple solution

With customers subscribing to weekly deliveries of the freshlymade pet food, the company had to find a way to bundle 7 meals together before placing them into the box to be shipped. Their previous process utilized rubber bands. “We would stack 7 meals and then put 2-4 rubber bands around them in various directions to hold that package together,” says Dan Miller, Senior Director of Operations at NomNomNow. This process was done manually, by hand. 

“The biggest challenges were the costs and it was messy. When a customer was opening up [their package],  it was challenging because we felt like the presentation wasn’t the best. We want to convey a professional package that is inline with the research behind the formula, the effort that goes into creating the product.



The first phase of implementation included 2 machines. The banders became such an integral component of their operations that a second phase to install additional machines was completed with NomNomNow’s use increasing to 6 machines total across their plants, 5 in Tennessee and 1 in California.

In addition to equipment, Felins also provides technical support. “The support team is great and very willing to help. Depending on the day, shift, and plants - we have people of varying degrees of technical knowledge and the Felins Service Team’s willingness to hop on a Facetime call is great,” says Dan Miller. Today, NomNomNow and Felins remain trusted partners as Felins helps with NomNomNow’s consumable material inventory and provides ongoing support. 

NomNomNow’s enthusiasm contributed immensely to the project. Their team worked hard alongside Felins’ technicians to ensure a seamless transition. The level for which they care about their customers and their pets has always been world-class and now their packaging can reflect that, in a professional, functional, and eco-friendly way. Their brand has grown rapidly, earning highly-rated reviews from Business Insider, BuzzFeed, People Magazine, reputable pet resources like Woof Whiskers and Canine Journal, and many more news outlets. A third phase is now in the works to implement more banders in their Tennessee location. 



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