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Your product packaging is the first thing your customer sees. That’s why we know it’s important to pick the technology that’ll keep your product safely and securely bundled without compromising how it looks.

While they’re all different, each of our technologies is designed to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize your operations while minimizing cost and waste. From standard machines to fully customized systems and everything in between, we’ll help you find the best solution from one of our six technologies:



Felins Banding Technology

  • Strong hold without damaging products
  • Pre-printed material and inline/live printing options allow you to brand and bundle products at the same time
  • Transparent bands help showcase products
  • Ultrasonic technology eliminates need for heat or adhesives



Felins Tying Technology

  • Most economical way to bundle
  • Pivot arm and rotary arm tying provide ease-of-use to operators
  • Variety of materials available for each application



Felins Shrink Wrapping Technology

  • Full coverage to protect products from dirt and debris
  • Transparent film helps showcase products



Felins Stretch Film Technology

  • Creates a strong hold around all products
  • Uses economical material
  • Unitize irregular shapes



Felins Automatic Rubber Banding

  • Replaces hand rubber banding
  • Great for applications in the floral and food industries



Felins Strapping technology

  • Creates a strong hold on products
  • Great for applications in the banking and currency industries


If you’re struggling to determine what’s best for you, give us a call! We’re excited to help you enhance your end-of-line packaging process.

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