US-2000 TRW-FD-J

US-2000 TRW-FD-J - E-Commerce Packaging

Product Description

Looking for a fully automated banding system? The high performance TRW-FD-J system automatically bands different size products, with personalized printing of variable data and product information available. This industrial system requires little-to-no operator assistance and be fully integrated into your production line. 

Product Documents

Product Documents



  • Designed to flow through ATS banding machines without jams and breakage
  • Large stock of paper and plastic banding material in US distribution centers
  • Guaranteed to work consistently and reliably
  • Variable strength ultrasonic weld
  • Pre-printable for branding and product information
  • Print in-line for consumer information – variable data, bar codes, expiration dates, etc.
  • Colors available 
  • Sustainable & recyclable


  • PAPER – We carry a variety of different papers for low-tension banding needs. Options include kraft paper (brown) and white paper in varying widths and thicknesses. 
  • PLASTIC – Showcase your product with transparent material.  Our plastic banding materials are stronger than paper for more security and allow for product viewing through the clear plastic banding material.  Colors also available. 
  • CUSTOM – Our material specialists can recommend the best option, including custom printing your logo, instructions for your customer, or bar codes for product identification.



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