Delivering Excellence: Austin Elmer, Customer Relations Specialist at Felins

Austin Elmer poses for a photo mid-air while tandem skydiving

Today, we're highlighting Austin Elmer, a valuable addition to Felins as a Customer Relations Specialist! With a solid marketing background and a passion for building connections, Austin brings a witty sense of humor and enthusiasm to our customer relations team.


Austin completed his degree in Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2022. Throughout high school, college, and even during the past summer, he gained valuable experience in property management. During his college years, Austin also had the opportunity to work as a project manager, further honing his skills. Austin's journey to Felins began when he came across our company on LinkedIn. The compelling job description immediately caught his attention, and he was impressed by the reviews he found on Glassdoor and Indeed. However, it was the conversation he had with Holly, the Director of Customer Relations, that solidified his admiration for Felins and validated his excitement to join the team.


Austin poses for a professional headshot in a suit and tie


Outside of work, Austin is an avid sports fan. He played basketball and football while growing up and would play basketball every day if he had the chance. He enjoys spending time with friends, engaging in trivia and board games, or simply socializing over drinks. Here are a couple of fun facts about Austin: he is colorblind, which adds an interesting perspective to his experiences, and he experienced the thrill of skydiving last summer. “It was the highlight of my summer,” he says. “You’re going up but it didn’t hit me until they opened the door. That’s when you realize, you’re literally about to jump out of a plane!” The incredible bucket list experience enabled him to overcome some of his initial fears and anxiety, something he will never forget.


When reflecting on his aspirations at Felins, Austin expressed great enthusiasm for witnessing the company's growth. He feels fortunate to have joined the team at such an exciting time, with the expansion of our new building and the continuous expansion of our business. For Austin, the best part of his day-to-day work is connecting with people and building relationships, both with customers and his coworkers. He values the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that defines Felins and is excited to be part of the Felins family.

We are thrilled to welcome Austin to our team and look forward to the positive impact he will make as a Customer Relations Specialist. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Austin at Felins!




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