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The most economical bundling method, tying has become integral to the bundling process of nearly every industry. Our automatic and semi-automatic tie machines are low-cost and simple to master. In addition, tying: 

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Accommodates a variety of material options including twine, plastic, elastic, and biodegradable or food grade material
  • Eliminates repetitive motion

Whether you're looking for a stand-alone, semi-automatic tyer or a fully automated incline tying system, we're confident our automatic knot tying machines will help you increase productivity and generate ROI.


Pivot Arm

The perfect replacement for hand tying, rubber banding, zip tie or twist tie packaging, these machines are equipped with a pivot arm that makes tying quick, easy and less labor-intensive than ever before. 

Pak-Tyer automatic tying machine for bundling and packaging
Our semi-automatic Pak-Tyer™ 2000 machines are highly versatile, reliable, and increase productivity. They're the perfect replacement for your current hand tying, rubber banding, zip tie or twist tie packaging. Additional…
offset tying machine
This innovative, advanced elastic tying machine is an excellent alternative to rubber banding and twist tying. Although it is used heavily in the floral and agricultural industries, this machine can be adapted for nearly any…
tying machine for coils, tubes, wires
Designed specifically for coils of hose, tubing, wire, and cable, the semi-automatic Coil-Tyer wire tying machine improves productivity and eliminates the hassle of messy tapes or expensive twist ties. With multiple material…
Mail tray or tub bander or tying machine
Our Mail Tray-Tyer is the perfect solution for bundling bulk mail in flat tubs, mail trays, EMM, and ½ trays. The most economical form of mail tray strapping, this automatic tying machine reduces packaging material and labor…
stainless steel Sani-Tyer tying machine for meats, poultry, chicken
Designed to be washdown-ready, the Sani-Tyer meat tying machine is perfect for any application within the food industry. Whether you're tying roasts, poultry, vegetables, or any other food product, this tyer will improve…
Tag Tying Machine
An alternative to manually applying rubber bands or elastic twine to tags, the Pak-Tyer Tag Tyer semi-automatically applies elastic tag loops, instantly increasing productivity. Additional hang tag tying machine features…


Designed with efficiency in mind, our automatic tying systems can be quickly integrated into nearly any facility and help keep throughput at an all-time high.

Automatic Laundry Tying System (ALTS)
From backlogs to rework to labor shortages, we know the laundry industry faces challenges unlike almost any other. That’s why we designed our Automated Laundry Tying System (ALTS) specifically for improving PPOH in…
Turbo-Tyer automatic tying system
Pounds per operator hour (PPOH). Regardless of the challenges - too much downtime, labor shortages, excess rework - it’s what every laundry wants to improve. Thankfully, our Turbo-Tyer does the bundling for you, making…


For products that require strong tension, rotary tying is an economical solution for keeping bundles secure and reducing labor costs. 

rotary tying machine
Available in a variety of sizes, the semi-automatic Rotary Pak-Tyer™ has fully adjustable tension and is perfect for nearly every industry. Additional features include: American-made quality and reliability Unique pivot arm…

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