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Sustainable packaging is important to our planet, ourselves, and the future. Consumers are paying attention. According to a US study by McKinsey & Company, 55% reported that they are very or extremely concerned about the environmental impact of product packaging. Single use plastics are starting to get banned and in countries that haven’t banned them yet, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. The 2021 Global Buying Green Report found that of the consumers ages 44 and under, 83% claim they are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Consumers are looking for green and sustainable options, such as recyclable paper, that minimize waste and reduce the amount of packaging in landfills. Companies that are implementing sustainable packaging solutions are increasingly improving their brand image.


Zero Waste


A common problem for companies is that new more sustainable materials are not compatible with their current packaging machines. Production facilities can’t always  justify spending millions to get all new equipment so a first step for a lot of companies has been finding ways to reduce waste. Ultrasonic banding equipment allows users to run a variety of different types of materials and is a great way to void fill while using sustainable materials, and/or labeling on the band. Banding is highly versatile and is gentle on your products  which why it has made it into nearly every industry. One of the great benefits of banding is that new materials are being developed on a regular basis and they can be used on equipment that has been in production for decades as demonstrated by our introduction of our newest banding paper TruePaper.


New Innovative TruePaper – 100% recyclable

Banding Paper

TruePaper material can be secured to itself  ultrasonically or with heat while being easier to recycle than any paper that we have previously offered. It offers the strength of a plastic film with the sustainably benefits of paper.  It is also on par with other banding materials for food safety and is Class AA certified to BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard, making it a great choice for automatic sleeving, adhesive free labeling, or for unitizing a bundle of products together. Currently printing on your banding material? TruePaper can be pre-printed with full color graphics or be used for inline printing for variable information. Paper banding and labeling also has the capability to be implemented into automation systems, semi-automatic or fully automatic.



Sustainability and environmentally-friendly packaging is becoming more and more important to consumers. Your packaging choices are   a representation of your company.  Choosing the correct packaging will demonstrate to your customers that you care enough to protect their products and the environment. Identifying and implementing green solutions in your packaging strategy will help with brand image and compliance with packaging regulations that are expected to increase in the future.

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