Keiffer McCann: Our Multitalented Shipping and Receiving Pro

Felins Company Culture - Keiffer poses with a catch during a fishing trip

Introducing Keiffer McCann, our Warehouse Associate here at Felins, specializing in shipping, receiving, and logistics. Keiffer's impressive career path and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in the packaging equipment industry.

Keiffer grew up in the city but enjoyed summers up north at his grandfather's emu farm. He's grateful to have been exposed to both city and countryside experiences as a child, and that his unique childhood helped shape his peaceful mentality as an adult. "City living taught me how to be street smart but growing up with a lot of farming experiences taught me lessons too," he recalls. Childhood photos


Keiffer's journey began back in 2011 at JW Speaker, where he started his first factory job. Initially working in assembly, he soon transitioned to the material handling department, a decision that he says he wanted to do in order to push himself out of his comfort zone. Working at JW Speaker taught him the importance of doing things right the first time and not cutting corners. This valuable lesson has stayed with him throughout his career.

After spending close to nine years at JW Speaker, Keiffer sought new opportunities for professional growth and development. He joined Briggs and Stratton, where he honed his forklift skills while working in a challenging and humbling environment. From lifting tractors and large machinery, Keiffer learned the importance of perseverance and maintaining a positive mindset, regardless of the challenges faced. Seeking further growth, Keiffer then transitioned to Able Distributing, where he continued to demonstrate his commitment to getting the job done, no matter the circumstances.

Keiffer's search for a company that aligned with his values and provided ample opportunities for growth led him to Felins. Discovering Felins through Indeed, he went through the phone interview process and found himself drawn to the company's mission and culture.

As part of the Felins team, Keiffer’s daily responsibilities include picking orders for UPS and LTL shipments, receiving and verifying incoming items, ensuring warehouse cleanliness, and scheduling trucks. Keiffer's favorite aspect of his job lies in the continuous learning opportunities. With a dedicated notebook by his side, he diligently takes notes and seeks to understand the inner workings of the processes, enabling him to be knowledgeable and efficient in problem-solving.


Beyond his work at Felins, Keiffer has a passion for sports and video games. However, it is the simple things in life that truly bring him joy. He finds solace and gratitude in nature, often indulging in fishing, ATVing, and immersing himself in the outdoors. Keiffer's philosophical nature drives his personal growth journey, and he is deeply committed to being a good person and continually learning valuable life lessons.

Company culture at Felins - Keiffer McCann

Always offering up words of wisdom to live by, he is passionate about personal growth, psychology, and embodying the values of being a good person. Here are some of his favorite quotes:

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

“A lot of us don’t appreciate, even in the moments of failure, what you did right along the way to get to the point of so-called failure.”

“If you can’t be real to yourself, who can you be real with?”

Keiffer McCann's diverse background, commitment to learning, and dedication to personal growth make him an integral part of our team at Felins. His skills and positive mindset contribute to our goal of providing exceptional service in the packaging and packaging equipment industry. “That’s one thing that excites me about being here is being a part of something that’s growing but it’s growing for a good cause,” explains Keiffer. “What Felins does here will make a difference and improve the overall wellness of each and every employee at other companies, especially when we’re making machines that can remove the manual labor and improve bundles per hour. I worked as a manual laborer so I know what it’s like. There’s so much that goes into the Felins packaging machinery beyond parts, it’s reliable and sustainable products that make a difference in people’s lives. That excites me.”

Company culture at Felins - Keiffer McCann


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